Stainless Steel 30 PCS Fishing Wire Leader | Line 19.68"/150

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Steel Fishing wire is typically stainless steel although there are other materials that it is made out of. This is the leader that you want to use if you do not want the fish to notice the line. It is thinner than multi-strand wire and less likely to snag on something because it is a single wire.


  • Avoid the momentary pulling of the throwing, the friction between the mainline and the guide ring will damage to the mainline.
  • After dragging the bait or caught fish, protect the front end of the mainline to avoid rubbing against obstacles.
  • Conceal the mainline, reduce the fish alertness after finding the fishing line
  •  offset the momentary pulling force that may occur after caught fish, buffering function.
  • The marking function when recovering the bait to prevent the bait from colliding with the leader ring of the fishing rod and injuring people.
  • The use of reliable front wires higher than the strength of the mainline increases the possibility of trying to choose a finer mainline, thus making the throw easier and the bait flying farther.


  • Manufacturer: Xiamen Teskai Trading CO.Ltd
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  • UPC: 689789412091
  • Publisher: Xiamen Teskai Trading CO.Ltd
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