Premium Pack of Fish Hooks with Fishing Box | 500 Pcs

Save 32%

Premium Pack of Fish Hooks with Fishing Box is here for your ease of hooks with multiples sizes. They are highly durable and offer superb craftsmanship. Their material is very corrosion-resistant. These hooks have a J-shaped structure, which turns out to be very useful as you make a catch because the fish can't swim out of the curve easily.


  • The sharp needle points pierce fast and deep.
  • The sharp barbs prevent fish from escaping the catch so quickly.
  • These hooks come with a perforation design that makes it easy to tie lines.


  • Colors: Black, Silver 
  • Material: Stainless Steel 
  • Quantity: 500x Pcs 
  • Package Includes: 500x Pcs of Fish Hooks and Fishing Box
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