Minnow Crankbait Hard Swimbait Fishing Lures | Plastic | 8 Pcs

Save 33%

Minnow Crankbait Hard Swimbait Fishing Lures | Plastic might be your favorite choice of fishing lures this fishing season. With their active vibrant colors and a real-life fish look, these might be the baits to fool the fishes in the water. Care for a great fishing experience? You know what to get!


  • It has a double hook attached to it which increases the catch rate significantly.
  • It's throughout balance structure gives it higher stability in the water rather than dangling about.
  • These lure baits come in very attractive colors that can easily confuse the fishes.


  • Colors: Multicolors
  • Hook Type: Dual Hook Property
  • Eyes: 3D
  • Material: Plastic
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